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In the film “Syncretism” The Science of Light, you will take a journey and uncover the evidence of “truth”, information that has been hidden and camouflaged throughout the ages. Presented by Santos Bonacci in easy to understand documentary. Filmed in Ecuador South America in the heart of the equator, this entertaining and enlightening film will help us understand “who we are”, it will also help us recognize our potentials based on the concept that our bodies are a reflection of the universe. You will discover knowledge that has been hidden and buried in ancient books, legends, fairy-tales, mythologies and temples. This ultimate message will prove from a scientific and spiritual perspective that “WE ARE ALL ONE”. “Syncretism” The Science of Light will empower you to enjoy this profound journey we call, “LIFE”.

Santos Bonacci

Santos Bonacci is the author of video lectures and special DVDs, he hosts a weekly television and radio shows. For over 30 years Santos Bonacci has been researching the ancient works compiling and translating them to a more accessible understanding. He is without a doubt one the premier researcher in the study of astrotheology. He brings together all the fields of knowledge and wisdom showing the interrelatedness of all subjects “Syncretism”. In his investigations Santos Bonacci shows how “Syncretism” is the opposite of division and disunity and covers all the topics like, astrotheology, natural science, astrology, reclaiming dominion, science and law. Santos Bonacci presents “The Holy Science” as an ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of “as above so below”.

Johnny Guzman

Johnny Guzman is an international speaker and filmmaker; he is the owner of Quantum Leap Production, a company based in New York City and in Ecuador. He is the hosts of a television show called “The Truth Hour” a program that airs in Quantum Leap Television. He has worked as an on air personality, and produced and directed audiovisual projects in New York. Johnny Guzman is The Executive Director of the foundation “The Namaste Youth Soccer Association Inc.” (a nonprofit organization) in which he is associated with the renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra. Recognizing the importance of an effective communication Johnny Guzman began his research in the neuroscience and in the human behavior, he is currently developing a therapeutic program; a model for paradigm shifts and goal achievement.


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